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Honoring a Legacy: The Story Behind Forest Pest Control

The name “Forest Pest Control” pays homage to our father and grandfather, Forrest Lackey, whose life began in Sault St. Marie, Michigan on a cold winter’s day in December of 1941. Affectionately called “Jimmy,” Forrest’s love for the great outdoors was evident from a very young age. Whether it was riding horses on frozen lakes, fishing in his fish shack, swimming in the St. Mary’s River, or hunting deer and birds, he was fueled by his energetic passions. At just 11 years old, he even delivered library books on great lake freighters, including the Edmund Fitzgerald. At 18, Forrest joined the U.S. Navy and served proudly, traveling the world. After praying for guidance to find a wife, he met Martha at a friend’s house in Florida, and they had three children: Michael, Patti, and Rodney. Born and raised in Central Florida, the family has grown to include six grandsons and one granddaughter.

Carrying Forward the Passion and Values

Working for 34 years at Florida Power Corporation, Forrest loved deer hunting and spent much of his time in Georgia hunting, connecting with nature, and enjoying his camp. He was a dedicated outdoorsman, passing on his passion and respect for nature to his sons, grandsons, and friends, leaving a lasting legacy. Faith, family, friends, and nature were at the core of Forrest’s being, and he made a lasting impact on everyone he met. A man of integrity, he was always there to lend a helping hand and uplift others, even during his battle with Mantle Cell Lymphoma. His unwavering faith and determination were an inspiration to all who knew him. It is with pride and honor that we named our company Forest Pest, drawing inspiration from his attributes. The logo, nicknamed “Jimmy,” reminiscent of what many called him, features a deer with blue eyes and pine trees (light blue) with pine cones and needles (dark blue) as a tribute to cherished memories. As Rodney (son), Jeremy (grandson), and Josh (grandson), we aim to carry on Forrest’s legacy through the values and lessons he taught us. We consider it a blessing to continue his teachings and pursue our dreams while helping others along the way. Our goal is to foster a strong relationship with Forest Pest Control, where we can share stories about life, family, and faith, and offer support, just as he did, even in his final hours.

We encourage you to learn, be dedicated, and move forward with us, fostering a lasting bond with Forest Pest Control. We are proud to have you as a part of our journey.

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