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You deal with a variety of pests, and while they can certainly be annoying, generally, they aren’t dangerous. However, there are certain pests here in Florida that cross that line from nuisance to potential danger. That’s why Forest Pest Control offers a comprehensive pest control service that targets these pests:

  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Mosquitoes
  • Fire Ants

If you don’t want these major pest threats crossing into your space, there’s an easy solution. We offer specialized pest control for mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and fire ants.

Why Do We Offer Flea, Tick, Mosquito, and Fire Ant Extermination Services as a Package Deal?

As a pest control company, we know which pests our customers are dealing with regularly, and which pests have the potential to cause major problems. Fleas can quickly take hold and be extremely difficult to eliminate. Ticks can transmit a variety of diseases to humans. As can mosquitoes – and that doesn’t even get into their maddeningly itchy bites! Fire ants have painful stings, and can quickly swarm. 

Bottom line: these are four pests you don’t want to have showing up on your property. Getting rid of them requires a specialized approach with regular maintenance, and that’s what we offer. You can trust us to get the job done for you.

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How Do We Control These Pests Together?

Our goal is twofold: eliminating active infestations and preventing them from coming back. Accomplishing that requires a combination of highly trained technicians, cutting-edge pest control technology, and a custom plan designed with your needs in mind.

  • We start with a thorough inspection of the property, discovering any signs of fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, or fire ants. 
  • Based on our findings, we’ll create a specialized plan to eliminate any active infestations and prevent them from coming back. 
  • We’ll work with you on an ongoing basis because our goal is to ensure you don’t have to worry about them all year long.

What If We Find Fleas or Ticks?

Our expert technicians will treat your outdoor spaces, including lawns, shrubs, and recreational areas, to effectively eliminate fleas and ticks. Using state-of-the-art products and technology, we target these pests at their source, reducing their populations and minimizing the risk of infestation. 

Our comprehensive treatment covers all potential hiding spots, such as tall grass, shrubs, and shaded areas. With regular applications, we create a protective barrier that helps keep your outdoor living spaces pest-free.

How Does Mosquito Control Work?

For effective mosquito control, we employ an exterior treatment that consists of around your home and the perimeter of your yard. Around your home, our technician has focused on identifying and treating areas where mosquitoes may breed, such as stagnant water sources or areas of high humidity. By eliminating these breeding sites, we aim to reduce mosquito populations.

To create a protective barrier against future mosquito infestations, our technician has

performed exterior treatments. This includes treating outdoor areas such as the yard, gardens, patios, and other mosquito-prone locations. We have utilized safe and effective methods to control mosquitoes, including targeted sprays to reduce adult mosquito populations and larvicides to target mosquito larvae in standing water.

How Do We Eliminate Fire Ants?

Our fire ant exterminators specialize in targeting and eradicating fire ant populations, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment. Using specialized products and techniques, we locate and treat fire ant mounds, disrupting their colonies and preventing their spread. 

With our comprehensive service, we provide long-lasting control and protection against these aggressive pests. In addition to the bait application, our technician has performed a thorough inspection of your property to identify and treat any visible fire ant mounds. The technician has carefully treated each mound with a specialized insecticide, delivering quick knockdown and long-lasting control.

Furthermore, we have conducted a granular treatment in key harborage areas where fire ants are likely to nest. This targeted approach disrupts the ants’ natural behavior, discouraging them from establishing new colonies and reducing their overall presence on your property.

Protect Your Home & Family from Major Pest Threats

Some pest threats are more nuisances than hazards, and if you can deal with the annoyance, there’s not much additional risk. However, we’ve singled out fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and fire ants as pests in our region that have the potential to cause much more damage.

Don’t let major pest threats catch you off-guard – call us today to get started!

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