Ticks & Fleas: A Danger To Your Pet  

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In Central Florida, our winters don’t get cold enough to kill off fleas and ticks. That makes them a year-round threat to your pets. Every time they go outside, they are exposed to these parasitic pests. So let’s talk about ticks and fleas and why they’re considered a danger to your pet.

Risks of Flea and Tick Bites 

Fleas and ticks are bloodsucking pests that can cause a range of health problems to both humans and animals. The severity of these can range from mild to deadly. 

  • Allergic reaction: Some pets have an allergic reaction to the saliva injected at the bite site of fleas and ticks. Signs of allergic reactions are itching, inflamed skin, and fur loss.  
  • Skin Infection: An allergic reaction to a flea bite, or a tick head left embedded in the skin, can easily result in infection if left untreated. Not only is this highly uncomfortable for your pet, but if allowed to go unchecked can result in infection, which can lead to illness or even death.  
  • Disease Transmission: Tapeworms, cat scratch disease, Lyme disease, babesiosis, and rocky mountain fever are just a few of the most common tick and flea-transmitted diseases. These are all very serious diseases that can lead to deteriorating health and further complications.

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Flea and Tick Treatment Options 

What if you discover fleas or ticks on your pet during one of your routine checks? Don’t worry, there are a few treatment options to keep your pet and your home safe. If it’s ticks, start by removing the ticks, and be sure to get the head completely out. If it’s fleas, give your pets a flea bath or use a vet-recommended flea treatment.

Talk to your vet about options for topical treatments to use on the pet first – then it’s time to address the infestation on your property. Many pet owners seek out DIY and over-the-counter options to get rid of fleas in the house, but to ensure complete eradication safely and quickly, we recommend hiring a professional flea and tick exterminator.

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Stay Tick and Flea Free with Forest Pest Control 

At Forest Pest Control, we treat your home and pets as we would our own. We proudly serve our Central Florida community with the highest quality cutting-edge treatments to get pests out and keep them out. 

If you suspect you may be dealing with fleas and ticks on your property or are looking for preventative options to keep your home pest-free, give our experts a call today!

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Ticks & Fleas: A Danger To Your Pet   in Central Florida

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